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Robert H. Forrester’s career spanned 50 years of service to the global philanthropic sector. In September 2008, he succeeded Paul Newman as Chief Executive Officer of the food company, Newman’s Own, Inc., and its parent, Newman’s Own Foundation. It fell to Bob Forrester to navigate this unique business/philanthropic enterprise from 26 years of operating under its widely admired, inspirational Founder to a future where it could thrive as an impactful independent organization anchored in its founding values.

Bob Forrester was CEO of Newman’s Own for six years, during which time its profits grew at 10% compounded annual growth rate, while industry competitors were averaging low single digits. Robert H. Forrester’s tenure as CEO of the parent corporation lasted for 10.5 years. During that time, Newman’s Own donated over $286 million in profits supporting charitable purposes, exceeding by over 10% the total donated in the previous 26 years. As President of Newman’s Own Foundation, Bob Forrester developed leadership initiatives in support of encouraging a global practice of philanthropy, access to good nutrition, children with life-limiting conditions, veterans and their families, and the empowerment of people to overcome barriers between themselves and their potential. Bob’s leadership in the sector was anchored by his commitment to a world of equity, social justice, opportunity, hope and dignity for all people, and care for the planet we all share.

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Robert H. Forrester’s Reflections on Stewarding Another Person's Philanthropic Legacy.
September 23, 2021

Robert H. Forrester’s Reflections on Stewarding Another Person’s Philanthropic Legacy

As the former President and Chief Executive Officer of Newman’s Own, the eponymous food and beverage company founded by the actor Paul Newman on the promise he would give all its profits to support charitable purposes, Robert H. Forrester has a rare background in business and philanthropy, one which made him uniquely well suited for […]

Bob Forrester on Disaster Funding and Newman’s Own
September 10, 2021

Bob Forrester on Disaster Funding and Newman’s Own

When Paul Newman, the famous actor and founder of Newman’s Own, asked his friend, Bob Forrester, to help him start and run the Newman’s Own Foundation in the early 2000s, Bob was still the CEO of the successful consulting firm he founded in 1980. As friends, Paul Newman and Bob Forrester collaborated on numerous philanthropic […]

Robert H. Forrester Discusses Newman’s Own and Veterans
August 31, 2021

Robert H. Forrester Discusses Newman’s Own and Veterans

Paul Newman, the Hollywood movie start and founder of Newman’s Own, and Robert H. Forrester, Paul’s successor as Chief Executive Office of Newman’s Own, were close personal friends with many interests and experiences in common. Central to these was their belief in the potential within everyone to help make the world a better place and […]

Bob Forrester, Former President & CEO of Newman's Own, on Paul Newman's Philanthropic Legacy
July 13, 2021

Bob Forrester, Former President & CEO of Newman’s Own, on Paul Newman’s Philanthropic Legacy

The late acclaimed actor Paul Newman’s company, Newman’s Own, became famous as a business that began with a single salad dressing product and the first business to promise to donate 100% of its profits to charitable purposes. It was 1982, and no one thought such a business could survive, but as it approaches four decades […]

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